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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Growing in the Garden

One week after ES brought home and watering the plants everyday

Last week, the weekly theme for ES's summer program was " Growing in the Garden".

We knew it through the Daily Summer Program Activity Report which she brought back. There are four main focus in their daily ewssion, which  included:
  1. Sharing ideas ( Foreign Language, Literature & Language, Art History ) - brainstort a list of words that rhyme with " seed" and " dirt", practiced writing skills when writing words like " carrot", " corn", "celery", " brocolli", identify various fruits and vegetables from the book " Food for Thought" by Saxton Freymann to increase vocabulary, identify the numbers from the book " Counting in the Garden" by Kim Parker, book sharing on " The Tiny Seed" by Eric Carle,
  2. Exploring the World ( Science & Nature, Special Enrichment & Visitors, World Cultures ) - plant her own seed to take home and watch grow, guessing what would happen to celery when placed in coloured water, exploring sense of tast when trying various vegetables, explore the texture of dirt in the sensory table to heighten her sense of touch, help plant seeds outside the garden of their class, explore to various shapes made when painting with carnations.
  3. Developing Imaginations ( Music & Movement, Art & Crafts, Drama ) - paint and seed mixture, painting with vegetables, expressing ideas when creating with markers, paper and glitter, convey her ideas when painting with paint and dirt mixture.
  4. Building Skills ( Sports & Games, Cooking, Manners, Computer & Technology ) - testing her reaction time skills when playing " Musical Flowers", heightened fine motor skills when typing some words into a Word document.
ES brought back a small cup which consists of soil and seed last week. And it is growing now after her hardwork of watering the seeds everyday.

What we noticed in difference here is there are more focus on the exploration and creativity here rather than ejaan, spelling and " ting xie" every alternate days in kindy previously, where she sometimes not willing  to attend school.

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