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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Char Siew Pau ( Natural Yeast )

The bottle of natural yeast at home is growing very well. It touched the top of the bottle after 3 days of daily "feeding". Have to make something with it but we still have enough suppply of bread. Thought of trying Char Siew Pau using natural yeast. This is my first attempt of making Char Siew Pau and first attempt of using natural yeast for making steamed bun. I added in carrot so that it does not look so plain ( leftover from our juice this morning ). No time to get a better shot as everybody wanted to try the Char Siew Pau immediately after I took out from the steamer.

The kids really enjoyed it...The most happiest moment is when you see them enjoying the food that you had made...

MS enjoying her char siew pau. She hold it carefully, so that she wouldn't dropped it...

ES took 2 1/2 of this...Char Siew Pau is always her favourite!

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