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Saturday, November 12, 2011


                                              ES learned this poem from school last week:
Red leaves and yellow leaves
Orang leaves and brown,
Leaves are dancing everywhere,
Happily dancing down.

MSLS went out for a walk in the afternoon. The weather was about 13 degree celcius at about 3pm. Decided to bring them out for a walk as this is one of the few sunny days. After this week, it will be colder, and forecast there will be snow next Friday. They are so happy and keep on saying 好玩 ( fun in Mandarin ).

Walking towards the park.

We saw leaves with different colours, just like the poem.

MSLS stopped by and touched the " happily dancing down" red leaves.

After some walking, we saw some yellow and brown leaves.

Some orange leaves in between...

MS picked up a leave for LS...

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