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Monday, November 7, 2011

ES's October Monthly Assignment

ES brought back a story book - The Mitten from school last month. We were given some instructions and have to return the book and homework by end of October.

We read this fun book with ES several times. After she is familiar with the story, she retell and read the story to us.

We did Sample Book Bag Projects with her and this is how it looks like. We like the idea as she starts thinking on how to make a new book cover and alternate ending, compared to the original story.

This is her new book cover.

ES drew a picture from the beginning of the book.
Nicki wanted a white mitten.

This is a scene from the middle of the story.
Her grandma, baba knit him a pair of white mittens.

This is her new ending for the story.
Rapunzel lives happpily with Nicki in The Mitten.

Her favourite character in this book is the owl, because it is not afraid of dark.

 She was asked to identify a " problem" and "solution" based on the story. The "problem" that she had identified is the mittten is white colour, therefore it is difficult to find if it is dropped in the snow.

Therefore, she suggested to knit Nicke a purple mitten.

She shared the story with the class and this is the comment from her teacher. Her friends love the way she create her new book cover - cut out the alphabets from the magazine and make it as the title of the book.

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Bart said...

Wow... very creative :)