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Monday, November 28, 2011

Bacon Mushroom Pizza & Tomatoes Garlic Pizza

After 2 days of holiday and now it is the end of this weekend. Feel like wanted to have pizza again...
We bought a packet of bacon before thanksgiving, but think we will never buy it again. It is so oily even if I do not add in any oil to cook. So, this will be the last few pieces of bacon that we have from the packet. I have to " absorb" the oil before putting on the pizza crust, haha...
The topping is a combination of bacon, mushroom, spinach, tillamook cheese, and some cream cheese with a pinch of sugar.

This is more healthier... Just some baked tomatoes with garlic ( grilled with butter before that ) and tillamook cheese. We ordered this pizza at a Mediterranean restaurant recently, and it taste yummy even just with some simple ingredients.
For the pizza crust, I am using the same recipe as here. The crust tasted like domino's pizza crust, as I just put a thin layer of dough on the baking pan.

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