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Friday, December 9, 2011

Freezing Saturday evening

To be a member of Oregon Zoo, one of the benefits is we can enjoyed the Zoolights without purchasing extra tickets. We decided to bring the kids to see the Zoolights during last Saturday evening, We reached there at about 5pm and the parking lots were full.  We were lucky as we managed to get a parking after 15 minutes. This trip we aim to see the light, not the animals, haha...

There were more than a million lights transform the Oregon Zoo into a land filled with moving sculptures, forests of lighted trees and animal silhouettes.

There was zoo's light-bedecked steamer train, which provides a unique view of the ZooLights splendor. We did not take a ride as the queue was too long and it is so cold.

 Half way, we met Dinasour and Santa helper. MSLS were so excited till they have no time to look at the camera.

There was a choir preforming during our visit. The girls love their singing, they just sing without  playing any musical instrument. Really nice...

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