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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas gift from ES

We received a Christmas gift from ES this year. She brought back a christmas card and a book made by her, with the assistance of Ms Jessica few days before Christmas. She asked us not to open it till the day of Christmas.

 Merry Christmas mom and bab ( it is supposed to be dad. Lately, she seems to be confused with "b" and "d", haha )

She presented us a book entitled " All About You My Loving Parents". She shared with her teacher what she wanted to write and draw. And this is what she did...

 My favorite thing to do with my parents is reading books with them.

My parents are nice looking. ( really, haha! )

Everyday my parents give me a bath.

Before I go to bed, my parents read me a book.

My parents make the best cake.

I was so touched after I read this. What we did for them, It really make an impact or difference... And another thing that i realised, my girl is growing up... She is writing sentences and starts to express her feeling through writing.

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