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Thursday, June 2, 2011

ES's first visit to the dentist

She was busy reading the brochure given by pre-school while waiting for the dentist to come.

ES was complaining about having toothache on Tuesday. Daddy brought her to the dentist.

They take x-ray on the site that she is complaining having toothache. She was not only having one bad tooth, but a few which started to show symptom of having problem. The dentist asked if she drinks a lot of fruit juice ( packed fruit juice )' as apple, orange and grapes juice had the highest acidity which will be harmful to our teeth. Or sometimes, when children tends to eat or drink slowly, and chew for a long time during their meal, will not be good for the teeth also.

We concluded it should be due to her eating habit - she eats really slow.... She does not take much sweet stuff like sweets or chocolate.

The consultation of the visit comes to about rm300.... A bit pricy ya....

She was refer to a dentist who is specialized on children on Thursday. Dr had suggested to take out the nerve of the teeth ( two ) or take out the whole tooth. She did not complained about having toothache till dinner time just now. We decided to cook her porridge as she feels more painful when taking rice.

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