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Monday, June 27, 2011

Home of Tillamook Cheese

We have been using Tillamook butter and cheese since we are here. Tillamook butter really have its  own unique great taste. Tillamook only uses the highest quality milk from cows not treated with aritificial growth hormones. So far, it had been voted as the world's best medium cheddar cheese at the 2010 World Championship CHeese COntest. It is the #1 selling natural cheese brand in the West. It is farmer-owned and has been making its award winning cheeses in Oregon since 1909.

We decided to pay a visit to the home of Tillamook Cheese last weekend, and it took nearly 1 hour to reach there. It is located at US 101 on the northern Oregon Coast.

When we arrived in Tillamook town, we decided to stop by The Fern restaurant and Lounge to have our lunch. We ordered burgers, clam chowder, and seafood platter. the food was not that fantastic, we can't finished all the food, as all are fried. If there is a chance, we rather eat in fast food restaurant eg Subway.

After our lunch, we went to Home of Tillamook Cheese. We can see their workers busy making cheese in the factory. ESMSLS enjoyed looking at the whole process of making  cheese.

Besides cheese, Ice cream is available in 38 flavours.

 Varieties of cheese samples available for testing, so that we can decide the right one to purchase.

We took a photo in the Baby Loaf bus. Every piece of the bus has been customer built to resemble a two-pond Baby Loaf of Tillamook medium Cheddad Cheese and was made with lots of Loaf and care. This bus will travel the nation and spreading the taste of Loaf far and wide in US.

Before we leave, ES made a Tillamook coin using the quarter dollar.

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