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Friday, June 3, 2011

IPad 2

Thanks to my ex-colleagues! That they had given me a special gift during my farewell dinner...

At first, they thought of buying me jewelleries, or watch.... But after that, They found that I am not a person that very into jewelleries and I had a watch from daddy which is still quite new.

Since I will not be having a laptop after resignation, they decided to give me an Ang Au to purchase iPad 2, as it just launched in Malaysia in May.

Everybody in the family loves it very much! Thanks to all of you!!

(1) stay connect with our friends and family members through FaceTime, talk box, Skype... We even can see each other through video call, we feel that we are just so near to each other!

(2) reading newspaper - MIL only reads Chinese newspaper. iPad is so easy to use, as she is using it to read Chinese newspaper whenever she is free. She even now how to on and search for the updated news.

(3) the screen is bigger! Daddy loves to access Internet through iPad, and now he feels that the screen for iPhone is a bit smaller...haha...

(4) varieties of games, story books.... Which is suitable for esmsls... But, we seldom let them use it for this purpose.

(5) access my email...

However, there are things that iPad 2 can't do...
It needs special way to upload photos into blog.

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