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Sunday, June 12, 2011

U pick strawberries at Duyck peachy-pig farm

We went to Duyck's farm after the children wake up from nap. It is just about 20 minutes drive from our house.

Daddy's car.... Parking in front of the strawberry plants.

Rows of strawberries awaiting for us. Let's start to pick the strawberries and bring back home...

Everybody was busy picking those red and sweet strawberries

LS carrying her bucket, waiting for us to put in strawberries that we had picked.

Ah ma with her strawberries.

ES was busy picking up strawberries, to bring back home for our pizza.

MS with her strawberries. She is the "bodyguard". we are not allowed to touch her bucket.

Play time after strawberry picking. The owner had a small playgorund in front of his house.

Talking to Mr Gary, the owner of the farm. they have cherries, blueberries, peaches, rasberries, walnut, hazelnut in their farm too. but for now, only strawberries, walnut, and hazelnut are available.

We had prepared this before we go out. after back home, we just put the pizza that we had prepared earlier to the oven - our " three season pizza", with 3 type of flavour - tomato sausage with mushroom, bananas, and strawberries pizza. it is difficult to find mozarella cheese here, therefore we are using tillamook cheddar cheese, and it really taste good...


Bart said...

How did the strawberries taste compared to those in Cameron Highlands? Sweeter or about the same?

baby girl diary said...

Hmm... I think generally can find more sweeter berry, n they r definitely bigger. Sengkeat thinks they r all the same :)