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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bicycle trailer

We decided to buy a bicycle trailer last weekend. On Saturday night, daddy assembled the trailer in the living room. And guess what? The girls had fun playing in the trailer when they wake up on Sunday morning.

Ready..... ( trying to hold each other's hand )

Set, go......

I had been cycling since primary school. Cycled to school is kind of enjoyment as I can go anywhere! ( hahaha! ) I used to take my younger sisters for a ride, cycle to grocery shop when mum wanted to buy something, cycle to art class... After I know how to drive, and with the busy working schedule and kids coming along, I stopped cycling.
It was a great idea when daddy proposed to buy a bicycle trailer. The girls have a chance to go jalan jalan and I got the chance to exercise. Yippeeeee!

1 comment:

Bart said...

Whoah! Fantastic way to travel eh?