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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Continue to explore DIsneyland Park...

Can't imagine I still haven't finished writing on our trip to LA. Really busy with the kids, spend mire quality time with them... After a day trip to San Diego, we continue to explore Disneyland Park, final day in LA. The park was full of Halloween decoration as Halloween day is apporaching.
At the entrance...

Met Alice, Chip 'n' Dale near the entrance.

Entering Adventureland....

With the twins, we only choose those not so " adventurous" places, like Jungle Cruise.
We boarded a trsuty tramp steamer for a 7-minute guided tour of jungles from around the world.
Brimming with exotic animals...

Next, daddy and ES went to explored the Tarzan's Treehouse, a 150-ton mammoth tree, with 450 branches containing over 6,000 leaves.

In this 80-foot-tall tree, they experienced Tarzan's wild life upbringing and showcase his improvised living conditions.

On the way, we met Tigger....

And Pooh. MS was so excited to walk together with Pooh...
ES: Can you pls sign on my autograph?

Jack and the Neverland pirates? The pirates were performing on the street. One of them tried to " steal" daddy's wallet. haha!

The girls met handy manny too...

We went for Disney's Aladdin - A Musical Spectacular too. It is a broadway-style musical based on the classic animated DIsney film, Aladdin! MSLS did not really enjoyed it as the music was quite loud. It is indeed a nice musical comedy, but Mummy fell asleep during the show. Opps, maybe it was so dark inside, just like in the cinema and it is so cooling.

One of the favourite places that the girls like to visit is Disney Junior - Live on Stage at Disney Adventure Park. The show included Disney Junior shows like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Handy Manny, Little Einsteins and Jack and the Never Land Pirates. Popular characters come to life with enchanting puppets, bright visuals, whimsical scenery and catchy songs.
The girls had watched this show for twice during our trip!

The shows ended with colourful strips dropping down, and MS enjoyed playing with it.

Since Halloween was approaching, there was a face painting corner. ES requested to for it again.

Tea time - Turkey leg! It was super awesome and super juicy! It is USD 8 and enough to feed 3 adults and 3 kids!

MSLS were too tired and taking their afternoon nap. Daddy, Ah Ma and ES went to explore Tomorrowland. It is a spaceport where the imagination lands each day to glimpse otherworldly wonders, embark on fantastic voyages, and witness the pioneering of the human spirit.

The girls having fun while waiting for the evening parade.

Goodbye to Disneyland... after the evening parade.

Last few weeks, ES told me that she needs to pack her luggage as she needs to follow her classmate, Malia to disneyland! lol! Think she missed it so much! She told me she wanted to go there again!!!

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