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Saturday, February 4, 2012

MSLS at 27 months


  • MS is 13.5kg, while LS is 13.2kg.
  • LS is diaperless now. Wheareas MS just wear it during night time.
  • During daytime, they will pee or poo in their potty o toilet without asking our assitance. Quite independent on this. They will say " shh shh..." or "xiao bian " for pee, and "da bian" or " chou chou"  for poo.                                                                               
  • Have their milk 3 - 4 times per day ( after afternoon nap, before sleep, during midnight, sometimes early in the morning ). Lately LS always ask for milk for twice before bedtime ( after we went into bedroom, and after our reading time ), maybe it is due to we gave her milk frequently when she was having fever recently.
  • Daily diet consists of bread/ oat with sliced bananas or raisin, fruit juice for breakfast, porridge or rice before afternoon nap, fruits/ bread/ yogurt/ bean during tea time, and rice or noodles for dinner. They requested for rice during dinner and does not want to have porridge anymore. LS is more picky while MS will eat most of the food that we offered.
  • They know how to wear their shoes, pants, learning how to wear their shirts, and put on the buttons. Especially LS, she tols me she is a big girl now, she wanted to try and wear her shirt by herself.
  • They loves to brush their teeth, morning and night.
  • Will demand for what to wear, for examples wanted to wear skirt instead of pants.
  • Sometimes they will be fighting, when this happened, mummy will asked them to " share share". Most of the time, it works. They will immediately change into " sharing" mode.
  • They are friendly to people most of the times, by saying " hello".
  • They can spoon-feed themselves.
  • Start talking in sentence now. Always like to echo what we are saying. Start having decent conversation and will reply what we asked.
  • Like to draw on blank paper, with circle or straight line. When I asked them what are they drawing, they will reply back " snake... big house... ship...etc"
  • Like to play " masak masak" and start enjoy playing lego.
  • When you asked them questions, sometimes they will say " hmmmm...", like they are thinking of a perfect answer to reply.
  • When they are reading, they will point at the pictures and mumble some words, as if they are telling the stories.

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