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Thursday, February 16, 2012

San Diego

After 3 days in LA, we drove down to San Diego for day trip. Our target for the day was Sea World. We went there before, but we just want to share with the girls again.

Here we are after 2 hours drive from LA,

Our first stop was to view Shamu, the killer whale. The killer whales glide beneath the surface of their million-gallon pool and passed by in front of ES.

ES was so excited about it!

After that, we went for the Shamu show - One Ocean. In the show, the majestic killer whales join us on a journey into a world that drenches our senses in the vivid colors, vitality and global rhythms of the ocean. Dancing fountains set the stage as we connected with thrilling sea creatures and realize we are all part of one world, one ocean. 

The next stop was Sea Lion LIVE. The girls enjoyed hilarious live-action TV and music spoofs performed by SeaWorld’s resident sea lion comedy team—Clyde and Seamore.

There was a show on underwater world filled with amazing acrobatic creatures, delightful characters and other mysterious sights and sounds. Marvelous music and special effects in a place where the cirque meets the deep blue sea.

After the show, we took a photo with the performers.

One of the funniest show was Pets Rule. It is ahigh-energy show with lots of laughs, surprise twists from a cast of unlikely characters that delight, charm and tug at the whole family's heartstrings. Dogs and cats, ducks and doves, potbellied pigs and a few surprise animal guest stars had shown us that SeaWorld’s famously humane training techniques aren't just for big stars like Shamu.
We continued with The Shamu Story after that. It is a presentation that provides us with an entertaining and educational experience. We got a behind-the-scenes look into various training sessions instructed by the trainers. This seasonal show gave us the history of Shamu while providing facts about killer whales all in an entertaining way.
 Don’t underestimate the power of these whales…they can splash up to 16 rows of seats, properly named the “Soak Zone”.

Before we leave, the girls went to Sesame Street, Bay of Play.

They really enjoyed themselves as all of them slept on our way back to LA.

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