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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Last weekend, ES was busy preparing valentine's cards for her classmates and teacher. She asked me to give her some red and yellow papers and she created the card by herself. It is a heart shape, that fold into half.

I baked some vanilla cupcakes with blueberry mousse frosting ( the original recipe is using raspberry )yesterday night after the girls slept. As I was rushing, I used the wrong tip for the frosting ( I used Wilton 32 ). But still, the girls love the cupcake. They loves anything in cupcake.

ES drew this for Daddy:
Dear Daddy, It is almost Valentine's day. You are fun.

 She also wrote a note to Mummy:
Dear mom, I love you. Love, Christine

For valentine's day, we also make a heart shape on top of out daily veggie and fruit juice ( just for fun ! ).

In the evening, when ES back from school, she brought back a paper bag ( she told me it was made by her ). The bag was filled with a lot of goodies, chocolates, sweets...
MSLS were so excited when they saw these, but they are just allowed to "see" and not to "touch".

She was so happy with her valentine's gifts!

Happy Valentine's to our family and friends!

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