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Friday, September 16, 2011

Choo choo train...

Went to Sauvie Island again last Saturday to replenish some vegetables and fruits. After crossing the bridge of Sauvie Island, we can see some beautiful houses in front of the river.

Here we are at The Pumpkin Patch. There is a giant pyramid hay and the three girls were having fun playing there.

ES on top of the pyramid hay.

LS tried to cross from one side to another...

The most enjoyable part was riding the cow train. Something that I haven't tried before when I was a kid. Must try! haha!

The cow train was made from some empty tank, and leading by a tractor.

Daddy and MS

ES on the train!

The worker drove us around the farm. Passing by the maize!

Strawberry plants

We saw some huge pumpkins there! Just like the name of this farm - Pumpkin patch!

LS was sitting with mummy, ther photographer

Wanted to buy some flowers back?

Ah ma with the huge pumpkin.

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