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Saturday, September 3, 2011

MSLS at 22 months

  • MS is at 12.1kg while LS is at 11.9kg.  MS loves to eat and she may continue to eat even though she had eaten a lot, while LS will stopped eating when she is full. Therefore, we need to "control" her intake.
  • They are diaperless at home and even when we go out sometimes. They only wear diapers during nap time, at night and long journey. Even they are with diapers when we travel, they always asked us to bring them to the restroom or sometimes we have to bring our potty if we are travelling. However, when they wanted to come down from their high chair or trolley, they do the same trick also!
  • They will run to their potty when they wanted to pee or poop, and they started to take off their pants and sit on the potty by themselves. They refused us to help them! Trying to be independent?
  • They are taking fresh milk now, no more milk powder. They have their milk 3 times per day - after their afternoon nap, before sleep at night, and during midnight or early in the morning.
  • Their daily diet consists of bread/ oat/ fruits/ fruit juice for breakfast, porridge before nap time, fruits, bread/ yoghurt/ bean or sweet potatoes soup during their tea time, rice or porridge for dinner. Still not much of exposure to outside food.
  • They know how to use fork and spoon, and they enjoy eating by themselves.
  • They know how to call all our family members now, including ah gong, ah ma, papa, mama, jie jie, gong gong, popo, ah yi, gugu, gu zhang and koko.
  • They are more willing to learn when we teach them word by word, especially MS. When I asked MS to say out " The Three Pigs" when reading story books to them, she seems like having difficulty to say out the whole sentences, while she can pronounced the three words when I teach her word by word.
  • They can run now, but sometimes tend to fall down when they run too fast, especially LS.
  • They like music, especially nursery rhymes. They will start to dance when the music is on. Their favourite nursery rhymes are " The wheel of the bus", " Humpty Dumpty", " Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes", " London Bridge".
  • They will sit on their high chairs during their meals.
  • They love to read story books. We borrowed story books from the library every week.
  • They know how to take off their socks and shoes. However, they might mix up when they wanted to wear their shoes.
  • They started to have their own opinions, eg: choose their own clothes
  • They do fight with each other sometimes! for toys, books... But they will share their food.

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