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Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Grotto ( Part II )

During our last visit to The Grotto, We didn't managed to visit The Grotto's Upper Level Gardens. We
attended the Sunday mass at The Grotto last two weeks. After mass, we took the elevator to the Upper Level Gardens. The Upper Level Gardens at The Grotto are 110 feet above The Grotto’s Plaza. The Grotto has 62-acres of manicured gardens and walking paths. There are numerous chapels, statues, walking paths and reflective spaces on the upper level. The Upper Level Gardens are possibly the best kept secret in Portland as well as one of its largest green spaces.

This little chapel-like building honors St. Anne, the mother of Mary. Built in 1934 to house the Blessed Sacrament during the first United States Marian Congress, it continued to serve as a chapel before the Chapel of Mary was built. It now houses numerous Madonna paintings from many countries.

After walking for half an hour, the three girls wanted to rest awhile.

Then we walked past the Peace Garden. It has been a part of The Grotto’s upper level since 1989 and it covers one and half acres.  The Peace Garden also features a large pond and flowing stream.
When entering the Peace Garden and walking through its winding paths during any season, you become aware of darkness and light. The concept was incorporated with the purpose to remind us that we are walking into the mystery of our redemption.

Incorporated into the landscaping of the Peace Garden are the Mysteries of the Rosary. They are depicted in individual bronze plaques grouped into the Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious and Luminous mysteries.


We also stopped byThe Monastery. It is the home to the Servite Friars, and it was built in 1936. The Monastery can accommodate up to twelve priests and brothers. The rock exterior is sandstone from Washington State. The Monastery was condemned in 1985 and the interior structure was gutted and renovated.

The whole garden is quite shady as there are a lot of trees.
Of course, we enjoyed viewing the flowers too.

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