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Friday, September 30, 2011

MSLS at 23 months

  • Both MSLS are at 12.3kg. They loves to eat and LS will say " bau bau " when she is full.
  • Still wearing diapers during daytime nap and night time. MS will wake up during midnight to wee wee. But we still let her wear diapers during night time. LS tends to have a few " accidents" last month while diaperless during daytime, eg: at supermarket's play area, in the car. This happened when she is too excited when she play new things, and sometimes she only alert us when she really cannot hold it anymore.
  • Have their milk 3 times per day - after afternoon nap, before sleep and during midnight.
  • Daily diet consists of bread/ oat ( they love oat with sliced bananas )/ fruits ( especially grapes ) / fruit juice for breakfast, porridge before nap time, rice, fruits/ bread/ beans/ yoghurt during tea time, and  porridge or noodles for dinner.
  • They will follow what we said, if we said out words by words.
  • They like to imitate what ES did during her gymnastics class.
  • They like to play " masak masak" and dolls.
    They used lego to play masak masak too. Pretend the red color blocks are strawberry cakes, and yellow colour blocks are banana cakes.
  • They have their own opinions, eg: MS wanted to wear the same diapers ( the diapers with moon, just like what LS had ).
  • They love to take bath.
  • Sometimes they share, but sometimes they do fight.

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