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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Washington County Fair

Saturday, sunny day! the line already started outside the Washington County Fair when it was just approached 10am. The fair opens for business at 10 a.m., and there's lots of things going on until 11 p.m from Thursday till today.

Washington County has been celebrating its agricultural roots since 1855. The “Fair” has had multiple locations and financial follies. It has ended up where all things seem to end up these days, at Hillsboro Airport. Well, just south of it. The land, around 80 acres, is worth a bunch. One of the new goals of the Washington County Fair Board is to increase attendance at the fair from about 85,000 to 100,000 over the four-day event. I think with the crowd that we saw, definitely they are able to achieve their goal.

ES was welcome by a lady who offers her a sticker " I'm bookworm".

Another new exhibit this year, the Hillsboro Argus reports, is "The Growing Grove," an interactive food experience with kids in mind.

Lovely mama were busy preparing pancake using oregon wheat.

MSLS were enjoying the music while taking their porridge.

After finished their porridge, we went to meet the animals. We saw Abby, a 19 years old miniature horse.

At the dairy section


The sheeps are having competition?

Henna art
 Tattoo shops are also available in the fair

The carnival rides open at noon. Daddy and ES went for the Butler amusement. The one in the middle of this photo ( circle ). ES is not afraid of height and really enjoy it!

We were totally amazed by how grand the fair was organised, and varieties that we saw in the fair including agricultural, arts and crafts, kids game & etc. Unfortunately, we did not bring our camera and iphone was out of battery, if not we can captured more beautiful scenes for memories.

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