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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Summer time at Canyon Beach

As the girls slept late yesterday, we decided to go to the beach after the girls wake up from their afternoon nap. We left our house at about 3:30pm, and we reached Canyon beach at about 4:40pm.

Walking towards the beach side

                                MSLS playing with sand using their shoes...

Daddy was trying to take a photo for four of us. A tourist stopped by and offer her help to take a family photo for us.

                                           ES trying to search for sea shell...

She wanted to draw a love to Mummy...

Building sandcastle

Finally, it is time to go for dinner... it is so hot although it is already 6pm.

 We went to a restaurant nearby the beach, The Grill and Scoop.

MS is taking her porridge. she is showing the sign of " good or delicious ".

 We ordered Clam Chowder, cheezy crab, burger and spaghetti. Daddy really enjoyed the food till forgotten to take a photo on it...

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