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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cuisinart Green Gourmet - Nonstick pan

It would not have be a kitchen if we have not bought a Nonstick pan....

Initially we decided to buy a cast iron pan after reading some rave review about how it doesn't stick like nonstick, with seasoning, without the toxic fumes. However after having it for a few days, it started to rust. We did some research onine, and found out, yes it is our fault, we have not taken good care of it. But with 3 kids constantly screaming for attention, we decided that we could not at this moment take care of another baby. So we returned it :)

So we are now back to nonstick. Ok.. we have been reading about those toxic fumes and so on and we definetely do not want any of those in our food. We have also heard of GreenPan, revolutionary pan without the toxic fumes or that is what they claims. Back it in penang it cost a bomb to buy one of those. However searching through the internet we found them to be selling for a fraction of the price in penang. Without hesitation we placed our order.

How dissapointed we were after using it. Yes it doesn't stick, after a while you begin to see burn mark on the pan. Very strange phenomenon indeed, food doesn't stick but you get burnt mark on the pan... Hmmm... The burn spot increases after a few more cooking. We decided to call up the store we bought and they thought perhap we have got a defective product, offered a replacement.... huh? a defective pan? We decided we have enough of the revolutionary what ever pan and requested for a refund instead :)

So for the third time we begin hunting for a nontoxic, nonstick pan. Looking through amazon, we finally found cuisinart nonstick pan. According to the specs, it does't contain the so called toxic material and it has all those expensive looking specs. So we decided to give it a try.

We have been using it for 2 weeks now, and it have not dissapointed us so far. The surface is very smooth, it doesn't stick, clean up easily, the surface heats up evenly and most importantly food cooks up nicely. So far this has been the best nonstick pan I have ever used and mother-inlaw definetely agree with that :)


Anonymous said...

Hi, Why didn't u try Tefal?
I've been using it for the past 2yrs & no burnt mark & the food don't stick on it either.

baby girl diary said...

was looking through amazon but could not find one that says nontoxic.

we had one tefal back in penang, but I had to say this cuisinart pan is much more smoother and the heat spread out more evenly.