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Friday, July 15, 2011

Where is the mamy poko?

We brought some mamy poko (diapers) with us when we arrived. It was to last us for a few days while we go to the nearest grocery store to get the regular mamy poko we have been using.

The diapers are currently only used for their afternoon nap, night bedtime, and long journey outside, just incase. They pretty much have been able to tell us if they need to wee wee, yup potty trained during the day time.

However after running through a few grocery store, we could not find our mamy poko diapers, so we end up buying Pampers.... How dissapointed we were, when the twins woke
up 2am that night with their pants wet. Looks like the diaper can only hold up to 2 wee wee :(

So we went looking for a new set of diapers. Reading through reviews, we finally bought bought Huggies Overnites Diapers. We were not dissapointed, when the diapers did what it said, OVERNITE :)

And the best thing is with amazon subscribe and save, the price of each diapers come up to rm0.66 each, cheaper than the mamy poko XL we used to buy.

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bettermoms said...

Please have a try of bamboo cloth diaper. You will not regret it.