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Friday, July 22, 2011

MS having fever

Haha, mummy teached her how to smile like this in front of  the mirror in the bathroom

MS was not sleeping well on Tuesday night.

She woke up very early on Wednesday morning, and she even cannot stand properly when wearing her pants. Something is not right here...

Measured her body temperature at about 6 am, and found she is at 38 C.

She is having high fever again! Wihout hesitation, we gave her 5ml ibuprofen immedicately.

According to Ah Yi, we should always start with paracetamol if the temperature is not more than 39 C. If the temperature is 39 C, then will need to start with ibuprofen after 2 hours. Since she just experienced seizure in May ( at that moment, her body temperature was 38.4 C ), that is the reason we started her with ibuprofen.

Her body temperature goes from 37 even to 39.1 C during daytime. When the temperature goes up to more than 38 C, we quikly wipe her forehead, neck and body with water, to bring down the temperature. When her temperature goes higher, it will be very easy to be noticed as her eyes will looks very tiring, and that is the time that we worried.

Luckily, everything was alright during Wednesday night. And she had slight fever ( about 37.5 C ) on Thursday morning. After one dose of paracetamol on Thursday morning, she is alright now.

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