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Monday, July 11, 2011

MSLS at 20 months

May Shuen

Li Shuen

They are 20 months old now....
  • They love music. When we switched on the nursery rhymes at home or in the car, they will swing their body.
  • They love fruits... they take fruits at least 2 times per day - morning and after their afternoon milk. They eat anything - orange, apple, bananas, kiwi, peach, nectarie, strawberries, avocado, plum...

  • They loves to go out for a walk. But, they wil request us to carry sometimes...

  • MS eat faster than LS.... When MS finished her food, she will request for more. We usually will not give her extra ( as she will eat whatever that is given, we do not want her to over eat ), LS will try to feed MS with her own food.
  • They prefer rice or noodles, rathan than porridge. They take porridge in the morning, and sometimes rice or noodles for dinner.
  • MS eat anything, wheareas LS can be picky sometimes.
  • They will put their finger on their lips, if anybody sleeping. Showing the sign of " keep quiet".
  • They can follow simple instructions like ' put your pillow in the cupboard ', 'follow me", stand up, sit down...
  • They drink 7 oz of fresh milk, 4 times per day.
  • They will have their tea time at about 3pm daily. We will give them either bread, biscuits, red / green bean soup, sweet potatoes soup

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